Vaar – As Dusk Fell

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Band: Vaar
Title: As Dusk Fell
Label: Independent
Release date: 13 March 2020
Country: USA
Format reviewed: Digital Promo

VAAR is a one-man band from Olympia, Washington, USA and I got an email from the person behind it. It was a real honour for me to get this promo. “As Dusk Fell” is the second release from this band and it is an EP. For me is not a problem. Well, it is, but you will know my “problem” at the end of this review.

The first song “As Dusk Fell” starts in a fast way with a frozen and icy riff that reminds me of some old and “traditional” Black Metal riff but soon the atmosphere Black Metal starts to appear or around the 01m 40s some Post-Black Metal riff that fits like a glove in the atmosphere already created at the beginning of the song. While the music flows I started to enter into it and my ears started to have plenty of pleasure. The leads on the song are very well done and harmonious. The acoustic guitar almost at the end of the song was a bit unexpected but sounded so good before the Post-Black Metal riff that appeared.

“Wounded Roots” the second song, is the shorter one, with just 1m 24s and it is an acoustic song with plenty of melody and harmony. A simple melody, but so relaxing, effective and felt. There is not so much to say about it. Why? Because is felt and must be listened to.

“Alder”… Started with some piano and drum. The drum with an effect that is really high in order to give more feeling/atmosphere in the music. It did work, at least in my opinion. The song is running/slides/flux so well and when I notice s on the end and I didn’t heard the vocals. I didn’t felt the need of them in order to fulfill the song cause it was everything there in the guitars, bass, and drum.

Even if only the first song you can listen to some vocals, even if the second song of this EP is a small acoustic song, even if the third and last song is instrumental Post Atmosphere Black Metal, this EP is felt and it’s good.

While listening to this EP it comes to my head, bands like Misertus, Mesarthim, without Space/Cosmic influences or even Wilt when the music is more “Traditional” Black Metal. It was a really good time spending listening to this album. But… We have a problem, like I wrote in the beginning of this review. My problem is just one. “As Dusk Fell” is divided into just only 3 songs into one total of playing time of almost 15 minutes. Besides that… Amazing. 8.5/10 The Key Keeper


8.5/10 To Greatness and Glory!
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