Innards – Back From The Grave… Straight In Your Face

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Band: Innards
Title: Back From The Grave… Straight In Your Face
Label: Transcending Obscurity Records
Release date: 21 February 2020
Country: Portugal
Format reviewed: Digital Promo

Innards have awoken from their slumber and they are pissed. They run an all out assault on the senses with some gritty old school death metal peppered with raw carcass-era grind. The riffs are thick and fast and paired with perfect gnarly growls that could make a skeleton blush. Channelling some serious horror vibes from start to finish, Innards are going to be right up your alley. I hope you’re not home alone right now…

“Night of the Anthropophagous” opens with a haunting sample channeling the Evil Dead and then releases a horde of zombies with classic old school death metal shredding and all around riff madness. They have some brilliant bass accents and solo work which shines through in subtle licks which adds a lot to the old school jams.

“Enlightenment Through Hate” continues the trend, starting fast and keeps up  the old school resurrection with their necromantic picking and relentless energy throughout the track. Innards sought out some star power for this one with this track also featuring Kam Lee of MASSACRE and Frank Blackfire of SODOM. Even without this extra starpower this song rips. The main riff is classic but solid as hell and there is a blistering solo near the end things that will rip your goddamn face off.

“The Fog” closes the EP with just as much devastation as the first two tracks. Delivering huge on another classic and completely on point main riff, these guys left a big death metal smile on my face. This one has a bit more tempo than the other tracks and it makes it a great for headbanging along!

 Innards are just the most recent example of consistently pleasing old school style merging with modern talent and styles. They offer a mix of thicker vocals and a more grim undead sound which pairs perfectly with the material. They keep the main substance straight forward but offer up a bunch of unique fills and solos backed by an insane and relentless wall of drums. “Back From The Grave… Straight In Your Face” is 16 minutes and 20 seconds of pure putrid madness  that should not be passed up. Eat your heart out.  10/10 Metal Yeti


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10/10 : Immortal Classic
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