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Fans of symphonic black metal, rejoice! Today, Canadian quintet Astaroth Incarnate are set to premiere their striking new video for “Her Ghost in the Fog”. I know what you’re thinking and yes, it is THAT “Her Ghost in the Fog”!  Astaroth Incarnate have created an elegant cover of the classic Cradle of Filth track, which they released on their 2019 EP “Ascendance”. With this track, the band offer a genuine homage to the original song, staying true to the intended style and aesthetic, while cleverly maintaining their own unique flair.

Astaroth Incarnate’s new video for “Her Ghost in the Fog” was shot and edited by Cinematic Films who have worked some magic and produced a visually stunning clip that is filmed in stark, high contrast black and white. The settings are eerie, isolated, and yet picturesque which is perfectly fitting to the menacing tone of the song. The band’s performance is truly captivating, and only enriched by the addition of guest vocalists, Timothy ‘Voldamares’ Johnston (of Eclipse Eternal and Hexenklad) and soprano Alina ‘Snowmaiden’ Gavrilenko  (of Everdawn). Voldamares lends his dark, profound voice to the narrative role while Snowmaiden delivers the ethereal operatic-styled sections without flaw. I’m not sure that I normally pay attention to costuming and make-up in videos, but here these components are impossible to miss, being bold, well-executed and critical in the creation of the grim, ghostly and old-school feel of the clip. It appears that every element of the shoot was thoughtfully selected to strengthen the startling effects created by the harsh monochromatic theme, the band even ditched their usual red and black attire in exchange for more suitable shades.

Overall, Astaroth Incarnate’s cover of  “Her Ghost in the Fog” is incredibly impressive, and made stronger by the release of this dramatic and bewitching video. In all sincerity, I couldn’t imagine a more authentic or honest tribute to genre heavy weights, Cradle of Filth.

Astaroth Incarnate will be promoting the video release this week with two shows, Friday the 28th of February at Cafe Dekcaf in Ottawa and Saturday the 29th of February at Sneaky Dee’s in Toronto.

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