Clouds – Durere

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Band: Clouds
Title: Durere
Label: Independent
Release date: 27 April 2020
Country: Romania
Format reviewed: Digital Promo

CLOUDS  are an atmospheric Death Doom band from Romania and they are going to release their new record “Durere” on april 27th! but we got a look in early, let’s delve.

There’s Certain reasons we listen to and make music, to make us happy, dance, release anger or stress and to express emotions we cannot fathom or explain with just mere words.
CLOUDS have released one of the most sorrowful and sincere albums I have heard in my entire music experience, my only comparative is the tragic Sopor Aeternus or DOOM:VS for hard hitting effective music that brings emotions you have to the surface.
“Durere” is about the loss of the vocalist’s father due to his fight with cancer and the mental and emotional cathartic process of him and his band mates in expressing their collective sorrow and support, it’s an incredible experience to even hear this profoundly touching record that I can hear means so much to them.

The production on this record is incredible and effectively orchestrated the blend of the instrumentation and the emotionally woven songwriting is masterfully layed out providing a guided journey throughout the album encapsulating you in the concepts and emotions of the songs intended giving a very visceral and depressingly intense listen.
The jump from stunning tragic somber vocals to harsh and brutal growls is incredibly effective and utilized to its max effectiveness in each track giving it the gravity it requires to hit the listener.
The amount of instrumentation here was incredible I heard pianos, keys, violins, etc and it all worked and fitted exactly in the songs were it sounded like it was meant to be.

I genuinely was moved by this album due to its emotive compositions and honest lyricism which hit me more than i expected, especially the track “A Father Death” made me emotional at a line “a father’s death will show his child his mortality” it’s interesting how certain sounds and lyrics affect everyone differently and this record and particular song struck me profoundly and left me teary and a bit fragile and “The End Of Hope” which just finished me off and I ended up just welling up while nodding in approval at the incredible musicianship which sounded almost more uplifting like the weight was raising off you but still a sense of isolation.

I appreciate how difficult it must be writing a album putting your heart and feelings out there on such a difficult subject but they did this in hopes to touch other people going through or have gone through similar pains in life and hopefully give them some catharsis and help them through with resonating with the songs.

Overview: Tragic, powerful and beautiful. CLOUDS have mastered a balance of emotionally moving atmosphere and brutal catharsis, easily one of the most emotive record I have heard. 10/10 Kieran



10/10 Immortal Classic
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