Into Pandemonium – Exclusive Stream

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Promo text:

INTO PANDEMONIUM is a 6 piece Extreme Metal band. This metal act seeks to blend elements from all over the spectrums of extreme and melodic metal. The band draws on its influences from Black Metal, Technical Death Metal, and Atmospheric Black Metal, to create an atmosphere that is as unique as it is dark.

The band was founded in 2014 by Vocalist, Jordan Scott, and Lead Guitarist, Ethan Vawter in Dayton Ohio. Into Pandemonium went through multiple name changes having started out as The Corrosion, as well as multiple lineup changes. In 2015 the band went on a hiatus, during which they made a lineup change and welcoming on-board Bassist, Enrique Esparza (Chato). In late 2017, after the hiatus, the band welcomed o Rhythm Guitarist, Matthew Tyndall, and Drummer, Joseph Palmer.

In 2018, the band won the local “Battle for Summer Slaughter Tour” and made their Minneapolis Debut by playing with national acts such as, “Between the Buried and Me”, “Born of Osiris” and “Veil of Maya”. Into Pandemonium would go on to part ways with Bassist Enrique Esparza and welcome on Bassist, Harold Henslee, and additional Guitarist Connor Deal. Repeating “Battle for Summer Slaughter Tour” in 2019 and playing with acts such as Carnifex and Cattle Decapitation.

Into Pandemonium brings to the table a wide variety of unique melodic sounds such as eclectic and dynamic triple layer guitars, each carrying a diverse style, powerful atmospheric bass, and technical and aggressively fast drumming while the singer presents wide array vocal techniques and styles with transcendental lyrics. The band aims to bring a performance that is just as energetic as it is atmospheric setting the tones with lighting and choreographed stage performances.

Currently, the band is preparing to release their first EP titled “Darkest Rise” in early 2020.”


After reading it while listening to the song, what I have to say about it? Well… I want more?!?! Yes… 

The band really does a mix of Black Metal with Death Metal. Not in the “dirty” way like many bands that already exist out there. I can say that is a “cleaner” way. The sound mix is very well achieved. Talking about the music, it can be melodic the Black Metal and at the same time some old Death Metal. And when the Death Metal voice appears, it can give more “power” and “heaviness” to the song. The Black Metal voice is also very good. Talking now in all, the mixes are well done, very catchy to the ears. I notice some band’s influences, (not saying that it is bad, cause, to be honest nowadays it is very hard or almost impossible to avoid them), especially around 3:30, it remembers me (a lot) some old school Hellenic Black Metal. The guitar works with all the riffs around it are very good, making very enjoyable moments. Congratulations. 

Now… I want to listen to the complete EP. Yes, I do.

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