Sometimes We Make Music – Trail of The Fallen

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Band: Sometimes We Make Music
Title: Trail Of The Fallen
Label: Independent
Release date: 22 January 2020
Country: Norway
Format: Digital Promo

When I got this promo the name of the band got my attention. I thought to myself “With this name, for sure will be a progressive/avantgarde/experimental band”… Well… I was completely wrong…

So, the songs were playing and I started to dig some info about the band… And after some/several plays I started to write…

The band started in 2013 and they released till today 3 singles, one Ep and now, finally the album.

“By the Might of the Crow” is the first song of the album, and the sound that comes from the stereo is Melodic Death Metal with some keys. Not my beach or cup of tea, but it sounds ok. The sound mix is very good. Well, not the info I found about the band, related to the music style played by them.

“Famine” the second song continues the same way, melodic Death Metal but with some folk touches here and there, to be honest much better in my opinion, but with more keys. But it sounds good, to be honest.

“Trail of the Fallen” the third song and the song that gives the name of the album is the first song that I hear clean vocals, not bad at all, even if the tone of the voice, sometimes reminds me System Of A Down !?!?!?!?!? Strange but is true, or maybe I’m drunk… LOL

“Hymn of the Lost Lord” the fourth song of the album, that till now has been a very good listening, to be honest, is the most melodic and maybe the faster song of the album. Very good passages from the “slow” and melodic parts to the faster riffs, especially the drums. The clean voices appear in this song more times, sounding good and still reminds me SOAD…

The rest of the album continues +/- in the same way, very melodic Death Metal, keys here and there, sometimes it looks a bit Symphonic, but not in an exaggerated way, strong voice in the Melodic Death Metal way mixed with clean voices or the whispered voice like in the song the song “Queen Annes Revenge”. It was a good surprise for me and this band, with this album managed to grab my attention, even if I don’t appreciate this kind of music. For that I must say “Congratulations on that, not easy”.

Final words…
Well, quite simple and I will repeat myself a bit. Good job, good music, all together, they do a good album that deserves a listen from everyone even if the music style played by the band is not your favourite. Congratulations. 7.5/10 The Key Keeper


7.5/10 Victory is possible
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