Death.Void.Terror. Exclusive Stream

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After one album released in 2018 named “To the Great Monolith I”, this Swiss band will release a new album on 24 January 2020 named “To the Great Monolith II”. So we can say that is a continuation of the previous work. I didn’t find any info about the members, history of the band and no social media too, except facebook and its related to the Helvetic Underground Committee.


So let’s start talking about the song. Named “(- —)”.

The first thing that comes to my head when I started to listen to this song and all the album too, is the band Ævangelist.

The bass sound, the sound production, the atmosphere around the song and the voice too.

This is a kind of sound, that personally I don’t know many people who like it.

I do. Is “strong”, is “heavy”, is “destructive”, is “brutal”.

This song that I’m talking about it as almost 12min and it is really good.

It’s a mix of Black Metal, with Death Metal too and with some Dark Ambient music. The mix is very well done and it creates a very good “atmosphere”. I was caught with very good quality, to be honest. 

This is a kind of music that a person needs to let himself be embraced by the music/atmosphere to feel it and at least, try to understand what this band is doing. I really hope all the listeners can do it, cause this band is really good. The Key Keeper




**Please support the underground! It’s vital to the future of our genre.**

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