Orodruin – Ruins of Eternity

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Band: Orodruin
Title: Ruins of Eternity
Release Date: 25 October 2019
Country: USA
Label: Cruz Del Sur
Format: Digital Streaming

Hello again. It´s Friday and of course there are riffs to talk about. Hopefully, you will invest time and money on listening and buying! #SupportTheUnderground

I found this by a reco from a fellow BAZ member (was it you Count?) and at first I listed this one with other soon to be, or just released albums for reviewing process. But I was not sure if I would find and an album that clicked with me. Played the albums and there was good material, but nothing spoke to my ear like the Devil does… Until I played this one and began digesting the rich doom protein in its sound.

The Joy of discovery in all it´s the glory!

This band is no new comer to the Doom scene as I read in its wiki page. That experience it´s shown in how good this record is. Seven years passed since their last release in 2012. Band members were busy playing in other projects, and you could think that Orodruin was lost in the sea of forgotten bands. But… But… Surprise!!

What can you expect about ORODRUIN‘s sound?

The doom is strong with this one. 😀 Classic Doom sound that will remind you of course of Candlemass. And of course Sabbath, yes, lots of it. But that is not all cause Orodruin mixes some pretty cool “Maidenesque” guitar harmonies that will put a smile on your face, at least it did for me. The album is a well cemented mix of classic doom songs. Slow, pounding and menacing tone, with some up tempo ones that have that NWOBHM and classic metal flavour. Want an example of the latter? Check the songs Forsaken, War on the World and Into The Light of The Sun. This slight difference in styles gives the whole album some room to breathe by not being too dense or doomy. I wouldn’t mind really, trust me. I mean, it´s not like there are two albums in one, songs work perfectly as a coherent work, but the changes in speed and feel is welcome.

I said that Sabbath was present here. But I ain´t talking about the classic Sabbath 70´s sound. As with another great album I reviewed (Cult of Sorrow) the worship here can be traced to the more doomy and dense sound of Mob Rules and the 21 first century releases like The Devil You Know (it´s a Sabbath record, get over it!) and 13 and maybe some of the Martin era too. Listen to Voice In The Dark and Ruins of Eternity and bathe in the Sabbath worship we love so much. Even the drums sound like it´s Vinnie Appice playing. You could be tricked if you don´t read that actually the drums, bass, and vocals is the same guy. I bow to Mike Puleo! His playing and singing is just perfect. Clean vocals that reach for higher notes only when the music needs it. The guitar work by both axmen is another highlight of Orodruin. . Love the solos as they cut through the layers of music in a very Iommi fashion. What´s not to love?

Letter of Life´s Regrets is my fave song here. It´s heavy, bleak and savage! A perfect example of a “Memento Mori”. Death is unavoidable. Just a beautiful dark poem, a lamentation of human struggle. Just listen

Doom at it´s best! I hope this makes many AOTY lists, it sure will be on mine! 9/10 by Perrö
Doom on!



9/10 Epic Storm
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