Spiker – Heavy Metal Macht

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Band: Spiker
Title: Heavy Metal Macht
Label: Dying Victims Productions  
Release date: 08 July 2019
Country: Germany
Format reviewed: Digital Mp3

Traditional heavy metal with German lyrics, the band bow to the bands of the DDR-metal scene.  A mix of early Living death, classic Tank, Wardrobe and Saxon of the “strong arm of the law” phase…

Formed in 2017, SPIKER has released on demo and this is their official debut EP, 24 minutes, 5 tracks of Heavy Metal. The EP starts with the title track “Heavy Metal Macht” old school riffing with the guitar way up front, the vocal performance is not the strongest. This straight-ahead Hard Rock kind of thing is dependent on strong vocals. That is sadly not the case here, the dual guitars in (second track) “Teufelskreis” is overshadowed by weak vocals. By the third track “Der Rock Es Bringt” it seems clear that the vocals are the one thing that is going to work against this band. Again, the guitars are fun to listen to, not overly original at all but well executed, the drums too. The bass is barely audible, which is a shame. “Kommando” is next and starts with a nice bass intro! Clearly should be more present that bass player. The track is the strongest of the lot, here the vocals is at its best, the angrier approach clearly works better than on the rest of the songs. Paired with the backing vocals it works on this one, attitude is always important and on “Kommando” they have created what must be a live favorite!? “Rockmanie” is the end of this party and sadly not on a high note, the vocals are maybe the weakest, gone is the appealing attitude of “Kommando” and without it, there really isn’t much to write about. If Old School Heavy Metal is what you are looking for, you might as well look further, better alternatives are not hard to find. 4/10 Harald



4/10 There is some hope yet
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