Siniestro – Arctic Blood EP

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Band: Siniestro
Title: Arctic Blood EP
Label: Black Lion Records
Release Date: 10 December 2018
Country: Sweden
Format Reviewed: Digital

Let’s get one thing out in the open first, this album is way too short. A twelve minute EP that displays all that Siniestro can be and hope to become, but seriously it’s not enough, this being the third official release by the band, after the impressive 2016 full-length album “Revelations In Mayhem” and the debut EP “Oppression Of The Sunlight”. This three piece band hailing from Stockholm, Sweden with obvious punk influences written all over their brand of blackened thrash metal has recently released “Arctic Blood” on Black Lion Records. In listening to the band’s first two releases in preparation for this review, one senses Siniestro has built upon its earlier releases with “Arctic Blood”. One of the real strengths of the album is in its diversity. Each track containing its own structures following no specific style, blue-print or rules. To some this may be a bit much with no consistent flow, but in its variety there’s tremendous depth, and hopefully a glimpse into the future for what Siniestro are truly capable of. 

Arctic Blood is the opening track, and immediately bursts into a raucous punk-infused thrasher with infernal vocals and groovy drumming led by veteran Sebastian Rojas. The song comes in at just under two minutes, and really leaves the listener expecting much more; just as it gets really interesting it ends. Pesten is the second track and similarly to Arctic Blood works to a fever pitch and then an abrupt ending. At only 1:11 the first two tracks combine for a little more than three minutes of aggressive and vigorous Blackened Thrash! Next is Exitium Vivorum Omnes which really builds throughout its uniquely textured three and a half minutes with melody, death and funeral riff passages throughout. Which leads us to the best track on the album, Strength & Power, with its sublime mood and vocals delivered by Commander and the exquisite and hefty riffage throughout the impassioned five and a half minute closer. Here in the back half of “Arctic Blood” lies the enormous potential of Siniestro with its use of atmosphere and creativity to display their version of metal with great effect. 

The bottom line is that “Arctic Blood” has genuine appeal, really showcasing what the band can become. Its unfortunate that we only get four tracks and such brevity. However it’s an album that upon repeated play reveals where Siniestro may be headed, rooted in Scandinavian black and melodic death metal with their own creative twists and turns. “Arctic Blood” is certainly worth your time and attention and my rating has more to do with the fact that we needed more and not what has been recorded. 

 Get out and support this band…Mö 7.5/10 

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