Groza – Unified In Void

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Band: Groza
Title: Unified In Void
Label: AOP Records
Release Date: 30 November 2018
Country: Germany
Format Reviewed: Digital

There is no denying the direct influences of Mgla to this once one-man project based in Bavaria, Germany that has morphed into the black boot, leather jacket and hood wearing combinations of today’s new black metal scene! And over the last couple of  years new members of the German underground scene have created what today is Groza! Perhaps gone are the corpse-painted old school black metal look and sounds? Absolutely not! But Groza, who take their name from the Mgla album, fit right in where bands like Mgla and Uada have developed in sound, look and delivery – which is high praise for this, being their debut EP.

“Unified In Void” is full of atmosphere and haunting emotion. Rapidly delivered yet melodic angst fuels this recording, really bringing Dissection to mind in part as it’s woven into the fabric of “Unified In Void” and its lyrical content dearth of human spirit and soul.

The title track is heavy and quite relentless with its pounding black metal and tempo changes throughout, laying waste to the listener with its message against idolatry. Ouroboros is another massive song with its catchiness, and as with much of “ Unified In Void” Groza segues between black and really almost melodic death metal, which gives it a fantastical feel throughout, interchanging between the driving melodic sounds and pure black metal passages. Next up is Amongst the Worms which showcases the band’s sound and musicianship. Chock full of catchy riffs and its growl charged lyrics; again the sound clearly driven by melodic death metal painted in black. Once the listener survives the title track, one is pummeled by the intensity of Ouroboros and Amongst the Worms, providing this incredible run through the beginning and middle to this superb release. The listener is then treated to a melodic opening followed by the crushing sounds of death, delivered in a bleak and destitute manner, with Unworthy sending mankind literally into emptiness and despair. The closing track Thanatos is literally the end! With its more than seven minutes, one is taken on a musical and lyrical journey to the end of times. Again with all the massive sound, tempo changes, etc. Thanatos could have literally been three different songs and is simply tremendous.

This album is short and poignant and has gotten better and better with each passing, as you’ll be led on a voyage through the pure and evil intentions of man. The fast pace, combined with melodic passages done exceptionally well, only helps separate Groza from the growing black metal masses. 

Easily one of the better recent releases of 2018 and although clocking in at under thirty minutes long, high praise is warranted for “Unified In Void”! Highly recommended…9/10


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