Gramma Vedetta – Proof of Concept

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Band: Gramma Vedetta
Title: Proof of Concept
Label: Independent/self-release
Release date: October 29, 2018
Country: UK
Format reviewed: high rate mp3 promo

I have first heard, and heard of, GRAMMA VEDETTA, in April 2018, upon receiving the promo for their single “Address Unknown”, from the band’s PR agency. Said single was subsequently released on June 15th, and the song is now part of their debut EP, which we’re about to discuss here, right now.

Late in 2016, guitarist/singer Daniele together with his brother-in-law and virtuoso bassist Marco, formed the nucleus of the band in South London. Shortly after, Valadis was asked to join on the drums, GRAMMA VEDETTA becoming a power trio! Intense rehearsals and gigs around town followed soon after. Appreciation from audiences emboldened the guys to book a proper recording studio, where in August 2017, with the talented Guillermo “Will” Maya (The Answer, Voodoo Vegas, Mab) behind the mixing console, the recording begun. After the release of a couple of singles earlier this year, as mentioned, the entire body of music recorded in the second half of 2017 is to be unveiled on October 29th, as the trio’s debut EP, “Proof of Concept”.

There are seven tracks on “Proof of Concept”. Seven very distinctive tracks, each with it’s own story and swing. Not only the tracks bare very little resemblance from one another, they each hold their own right, telling a different tale, and incorporating a vast variety of motifs and accents, denoting a real songwriting proficiency. The EP’s music as a whole is a unique blend of 70’s heavy rock with an unmistakable 90’s grunge flair. A fact easily explained when all three band members were in their teens during the final decade of last millennium. The very catchy, radio friendly melodies are played with passion and virtuosity at the same time. Nothing is conventional on this very “organically”, for lack of a better word, sounding EP. The intriguing and flirtatiously funky, atmospheric, acoustic, Balkanic, north African, psychedelic – motifs and accents present within all seven songs here, making for a distinctive listener’s experience. With each member bringing his “A” game, we are presented with a very well done sound production. Nothing is out of place, nor left out. Dan’s (Daniele) obsessive guitar hooks, proto shredding, fat toned chords and twang, complement perfectly the fascinating rhythm section accompaniments, where Valadis’ experienced drum patterns and Marco’s relentless bass lines, truly shine. Basetta (Marco) plays the fuck out of his bass! Dan rounding things up with an equally notable vocal delivery of the songs’ witty lyrics. All of it in a true power trio fashion, with a modernly distinctive edge.

During the summer the band have worked on some material, that they hope to release as a full-length album sometime in 2019, continued to gig around London and even engaged in a small tour of southern Italy. Highly recommended to fans of power trios across ages, from Cream to Motörhead, and from The Police to Silverchair, as well as to seekers of fresh, new sounds and vibes in rock & metal. 9/10 Emil/UHF

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Big thanks to Gramma Vedetta for providing exclusive stream of “Proof of Concept” for Blessed Altar Zine, prior to the release date of the album! Check it out here:


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9/10 Epic Storm
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