Bloodphemy – Bloodline

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Band: Bloodphemy
Title: Bloodline
Label: Dawning Septic Productions
Release Date: 26 October 2018
Country: Netherlands
Format Reviewed: Music Cassette

I would continue in total ignorance if it were not our collaborator Eldritch Of Death, which introduce this band to me. Thanks mate.
So I decided to contact the label Dawning Septic Productions which will release the tape version of the album already released by Sleaszy Rider Records in CD format in 2017.

Featuring members from know bands (at least for me) like Houwitser, Grindpad, ex-Khaoz, ex-Sinister, ex-Usthor among others…
And what we have here… Very good Death Metal. Old way style, simple but very well done. I love the sound of the guitars, very very strong sound.
The vocals… Good vocals, very strong one. The drums, very strong too and with good details and the bass gives more “weight” to songs.

So, all together… They can make the album “Bloodline” sound wonderful.
Bloodphemy can be fast, can be on mid-tempo but they also can be sometimes a bit slower but never, and I say again, never lose the weight in the songs. One good thing that I love in the album is that the band can mix the melody with the brutality, very well. This way I can listen to good songs and the album is not boring. It has many solos, very good ones by the way.

Speaking of the melodic part of the band… They remind me, a lot I have to say, the band Edge of Sanity era “Infernal”, for me is very good. Eheh. The fast and brutal part of the band… I venture to say they are a mix of old Sinister with old Gorefest. I’m not comparing and saying that Bloodphemy is a copy with the mentioned bands but the mix of melodic and brutality reminds me those bands. For me, it’s very very good what they are doing.

The album is very balanced, song after song they continue with the quality in each song, it’s not a boring album, there are no quality breaks in the songs even if some of them are either faster or slower.
Bloodphemy manages to be a good Death Metal band outside the HM-2 style that has been a trend these past few years (I’m not complaining because I like it but it’s been fashion). I highly recommend this band. 9/10 The Key Keeper

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Note: I mention the format reviewed as Music Cassette because I already order it, although the promo received was digital. I hope that the next album will be released soon and that the future with Black Lion Records will be very profitable.


9/10 Epic Storm
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