Draghkar – The Endless Howling Abyss

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Band: Draghkar
Title: The Endless Howling Abyss
Label: Craneo Negro Records
Release date: 27 July  2018
Country: U.S.A.
Format Reviewed: CD Quality Digital Promo

After releasing a demo (World Unraveled review by us, check here) and two splits, their new EP titled – The Endless Howling Abyss is the latest release from Draghkar. This LA, California band opens with a track called Traversing the Abyss, which begins with an intro segment that has a doomy style to it reminding me of older Autopsy. Then as the music slowly builds upon itself in this horror themed madness, all then breaks out into a fast charging tempo in a traditional death metal style reminiscent of the later 80’s. Now, despite tempos or aggression here, I can hear that there are some different styles or influences of metal on this EP at times. There are the prominent elements of old school death metal for the most part but also a punk vibe at times as well. The combination of the guitar riffing in parts of the songs and D-beats together bring this out for sure. Another added an interesting thing here as well is an occasional black metal influence incorporated into this. Whether it has to do with a specific guitar riff and how its played or even a certain vocal piece in the track “Fading into Emptiness”, which comes out in a haunted operatic style, these things certainly contributed to this.

Having said that, these variances keep things interesting and tend to work well, all together. Since I have heard out their earlier releases, I did notice these differences more so than someone not being familiar with the band. Sound wise, in the overall sense here, seems to have a bit more of a cleaner approach then previous recordings in my opinion. This can be a pro or con kind of thing, depending on the person. For myself, I do like a bit more raunchiness or dirt in my sound, especially when it comes to the guitars. None the less, this is EP is solid and has brought out a bit more variances this time around while keeping their older death metal influences very much alive within their sound. I do feel this is a strong release for Draghkar and a further positive step in their representation for death metal. Perhaps, we shall see a future full-length release from the band sometimes as well. I do wish to hear more! 8/10 Eldritch of Death



Craneo Negro Records-CD release

Nameless Grave Records-MC release 

8/10 To Greatness and glory!
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