Voland – Voland 2

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Band: Voland
Title: Voland 2
Label: Xenoglossy Productions
Release Date: 10 August 2018
Country: Italy
Format Reviewed: High quality digital promo

Hello to everyone…
Voland… This review was a kind of “struggle” for me, in the good sense.
I decided to do something different, something that I normally do not listen because I do not feel myself related with that music style.

Voland was the chosen one…
While I was reading the press sheet, the songs starts to play. “Here we go” I Thought…

The band is from Italy featuring members from the band Veratrum and they play… Symphonic Black Metal. Originally released in 2017, the label Xenoglossy Productions release it now in CD and cassette.

The songs are playing while I’m reading the press release, which says that is dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the Russian October Revolution (1917) and inspired in the poet Vladimir Mayakovsky or in the realist painter I. E. Repin. I didn’t know many things about it, so I dig a little in the net.

Maybe because of that the lyrics are in Italian and Russian. The Italian part I understand the majority but the Russian part, sorry but, I do not understand so I had to translate it on the net. I think I got the “right” translation…

Backing to the music, The Symphonic Black Metal style… I’m not a big fan I admit, because of the majority of the releases I heard and not balanced. The keys are always high, not to say very high, that for me it’s not ok or good. It looks that the keys are the main instrument and all the other instruments are forgotten. Nah…

Thankfully… Voland is not the case. Thank you for that, Thanks a LOT.
Here you will find everything balanced, all instruments are there and you can listen ALL in an a very balanced way and with a good production. THANK YOU once more.

So, due to this, this release starts to sound much better and caught my attention.
I listen many times. Trying to listen it very carefully, mixing the lyrics with the riffs/songs, the passages in the songs and… They look like battles, like struggles in the name of the revolution.

Very good. Voland surprised me, with the quality of the songs, very well constructed, very well balanced, good riffs, the harsh and heroic voice is on the right place and it gives an ambience to the songs… Tchhh. Very good. Seriously. It’s amazing the quality that I’m hearing here. I never thought that a Symphonic Black Metal could surprise me this way because I’m not a big fan of this music style.

Well, I will not start to be, but a fan of Voland… Well… I started to be.
I LOVE (I’m saying that I love? Yes I’m saying) all songs but… The cherry on the top of the cake for me is the song “Dubina”. I want more Voland music.

Although this release has only 4 songs, (which is the one negative point that I find here) I strongly advice this release to ALL. And… My rate is… 9/10 The Key Keeper



9/10 Epic Storm
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