Towards the Hell – Eternal Darkness

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Band: Towards the Hell
Title: Eternal Darkness
Label: Independent
Release date: 20 July 2018
Country: Poland
Format reviewed: Digital Promo

Well … Towards the Hell … It’s a young Polish band of 3 elements who join in 2017 to create Black Metal. Eternal Darkness is the first release.

The band, self titled as being Black Metal.
Well, I do not disagree, but when I got the promo from the band, I deduced/thought it was more traditional Black Metal.

It is not. Musically they are in the style, but the voice for me is not, I am referring to the voice that we usually hear in the Black Metal style. The voice here is a little more strong. If it was intentional, I do not know but … Congratulations because it even fits well in the songs. Maybe this is their way of trying to create their own style and keep the influences? Maybe…

If you happen to be expecting to hear fast Black Metal similar to what many bands from Poland do, here you will not. Towards the Hell make a mid tempo and somewhat balanced Black Metal, that type of Black Metal in which we can shake the head but without having pain in the neck.

The 3 minds behind this young band, (and when I say young, it’s in the true term and in several senses. Young, as I mentioned above, appear in 2017 and because the average age is 19) can create a Black Metal of good hearing in this first work, but in my opinion they could speed things up a little bit from time to time. I would say, a little more “encouragement” or strength to the songs, I am simply giving my opinion.

The rhythms and riffs are to my liking, the voice fits well, everything is very well executed, but something is missing to make this first work is or can be something more.

For example, on the first song “Eternal Darkness” begins with a very good riff, the voice enters, the song starts to flow, but I get the feeling that a riff will come faster but not…

In the second song “Black Mass” starts with the drums and begins to develop, enter the voice in chant format, I get the feeling that will start a riff a little faster but not …

In the song “Wolf’s Moon”, the third of this work, begins with a very good riff, the drumming in a double bass drum, the voice once again that fits well but does not come to a faster riff…

The same happens in the fourth and last original song of this work.
The feeling I have when I listen to the songs is that something different, fast, rough, etc. comes, but nothing comes…

I do not mean that it’s a bad demo or a bad EP (as the band says) because it’s not, but the feeling I get when I listen to the songs is that they need something “more”.

The fifth and final song of this release is a Burzum cover.

I hope that I will have the pleasure of listening to the next work of this band and be able to do the review again and to try to perceive/see the evolution of the same. 6.5/10 The Key Keeper


6.5/10 We may survive!
**Please support the underground! It’s vital to the future of our genre

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