Autokrator – Hammer of Heretics

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Band: Autokrator
Title: Hammer of Heretics
Label: Krucyator Productions
Release Date: April 10th, 2018
Country: France
Format reviewed: High quality digital promo

Hailing from France, Autokrator is well known for their blackened death metal with hints of an experimental nature too. This is in combination with darkened atmospheres, morbid samples, and reverberated monstrous vocals screaming out. This new release captures that yet brings everything out to a crisper level and with more definition as well. Hammer of the Heretics is Autokrator’s new and 3rd installment to their audio punishments that they are known for. The intensity of this release builds upon itself in a few different ways. For example, there are parts with a slow militant-like drumming style that accents on choppy or chugging guitar riffing which creates an effect as if some undead army is marching up from the depths. Plus, their use of eerie samples or soundscapes that add to the dark torturous atmospheres throughout here as well.

Like in some of their previous work, there is a track on here which is completely non-musical titled Interlude, it captures the elements of some morbid horror movie scene or appears to be, with some dialogue here and there and background sounds of macabre characteristics. Overall, these parts when they are used, tend to show the experimental hints and dark atmospheres within the sound and writing style that Autokrator does. Then before you know it, instantaneously, all kicks in without warning to a full out blasting rage which changes things up to a whole other level as all the instruments are going at full speed. Sometimes there are quick breaks or breakdowns in between the fast parts and with occasional mid-pace tempos applied here and there.

However, during these moments, it’s not long until all is back into the extremely fast playing. This is the blackened death metal beast that shows itself at different points and is one of the other sides that Autrokrator has within its varying extremities. Hammer of Heretics is all about extremities in one form or another when it comes down to it, whether it be the atmosphere, mood or brutality, it channels in the very darkest depths of the human mind where only a few can venture to. That being said, Autokrator has created another great chapter in their autopsy of human existence with some new audio terror. 9.5/10 Wolven Deadsoul



9/10 Epic Storm
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