Paroxsihzem Interview

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Paroxsihzem is a Black/Death band from Toronto, Canada who formed in 2007. Hellthrasher Productions is their current label but they also have releases in different formats and distribution as well from Dark Descent records, Vault of Dried Bones and Krucyator Productions too. Inspired by nuclear warfare, darkness, chaos, and negativity, Paroxsihzem has been destroying the light for eleven years now. This is an interview with Krag, the vocalist from the band.

Hello Krag and thank you for doing this interview with me for Blessed Altar Zine! What are the near future plans for Paroxsihzem?
Thanks, we’ve just finished playing 2 shows very close together so now we are going to lay low and focus on writing for our next full-length album and then go from there.

I see on Bandcamp, that you recently put up a previously unreleased track from 2013, titled Excavation of Despair. Is this a single release on its own or is this going to be part of a future release?
It was an old demo track that we recorded before the split with Adversarial. We were pleased with how it turned out but it won’t be part of any future releases we just wanted to release it on its own as a 1 song demo track.

Will Paroxsihzem do a tour in the future, whether for Canada, USA or elsewhere?
We plan to eventually. Most likely after our next album comes out.

Is there a main writer in the band musically or lyrically or do you all collaborate in this process?
Impugnor is the main writer for all the music and I collaborate with him on the lyrics.

Considering Paroxsihzem’s inspirations for lyrical or topic matters, are there certain main musical influences that have had a big impact on the sound or direction of Paroxshizem?
Influences come from all over the place and there are too many to name, but a few of them are Incantation, Arkhon Infaustus, Archgoat, Revenge and Morbid Angel. For lyrics inspiration

Being a musical collector myself, I tend to ask everyone this question. Which do you prefer for listening? Vinyl, CD, Cassette or digital format?
Vinyl and CD for sure.

Out of all the releases from Paroxsihzem so far, is there a release that you like the most?
I would say our newest EP, Abyss of Excruciating Vexes is my favourite Paroxsihzem release.

How do you feel about the ways and means of social media now and how information is used or conducted?
I try to use social media as little as possible and usually only for contacting people. I have mostly a negative view on it these days.

What are your main preferences in musical styles? Whether for metal or other types of music too?
Filthy death metal

Ok, in closing and thanks again Krag for your time with this interview. What inspired the creation of Paroxsihzem as a band and with the name itself too?
We found we disliked the direction of most “metal” bands in the local scene and decided to start our own project. The name Paroxysm, “a sudden attack or violent expression of a particular emotion or activity.” Another meaning, “a sudden recurrence or attack of disease; a sudden worsening of symptoms”. Both apply to our influences, direction and intention with the band. The spelling was slightly altered to fit our directive as well as looks more aesthetically appealing in our opinion.

Interview by: Wolven Deadsoul