Void Ceremony – Foul Origins of Humanity

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Band: Void Ceremony
Title: Foul Origins of Humanity
Label: Blood Harvest
Date of release: 16 February 2018
Country: U.S.A
Release Reviewed: CD

Foul Origins of Humanity is Void Ceremony’s third Ep to date and it projects a complex, progressive and raw form of metal. Having plenty of blast beats, to speed picking guitars ripping through their intricate notation and resembling a Hate Eternal style or sound at times, while the mid-range but slightly mediocre vocals keep a steady tone, when they are active within the songs, that is. There are points in the song structures where the instrumentation outweighs all else with various buildups and breakdowns and melodic solos here and there as well. It gives the impression that the song writing is more about the music then the necessity to have vocals every where. This tends to show the band’s complexity and focus and furthermore with their playing and writing style, which is on the more technical/progressive side of things, yet still holds a sense of catchiness and rawness. Although this EP is only three songs and about fifteen minutes in total length, instrumentally, it tears through like whirl wind of destruction, through its progressive and brutal form of death metal. However, even though the vocals are not the main focus with this, they do seem to lack a bit in the overall output power and are definitely second to the music. Despite Eps becoming more common now, a future LP from Void Ceremony would be nice to see as well. 7.5/10 Wolven Deadsoul




7/10 – Victory is possible

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