Conjurer – Mire

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Band: Conjurer
Title: “Mire”
Label: Holy Roar Records
Release Date: 23 February 2018
Country: United Kingdom
Format reviewed: Vinyl

Conjurer a band expressing their eclectic tastes perhaps influenced by the likes of Through Silver in Blood, Turn Loose the Swans, Odd Fellows Rest & Isa all blended together with their extreme tendencies in tow. So instead of trying to simply label Conjurer as a Sludge, Doom, Post-Metal Band with shards of Black & Progressive Metal to boot. Let’s just call “Mire” out for what it truly is, unique, intense & heavy as hell…Remarkable in fact!

For a band just releasing their Full-Length Debut after the very impressive “I” EP (2016), Conjurer has brought an uncanny confidence and maturity to this release that has the potential to catapult them to the top of the British Metal scene for many years to come. With Conjurer having a tough time clinging to the underground much longer as a result.

“Mire” is blissfully relentless from the opening salvo of Choke to the very last breath Hadal could muster! I can’t over state how impressive and heavy this debut record genuinely is…Highly recommend played on vinyl, perhaps with some really good set of headphones! Even the atmospheric and downtempo sections of tracks like Hollow and Thankless remain intense and powerful. The complimenting dual vocals of Dan Nightingale and Brady Deeprose range from pure guttural growls to occasionally clean, filled with agonizing shrieks from hell, and it all undoubtedly works! This is an album I didn’t judge by each individual track necessarily but more so by the sum of its exceptional parts. Conjurer creating a formula within their aggressive, dense and at times atmospheric passages that will keep your complete attention. The high point of “Mire” being drummer Jan Krause whose stellar performance helps power the superb musicianship throughout this release.

The magnificent stretch of Retch, The Mire and Of Flesh Weaker Than Ash showcasing just how talented Conjurer truly are. Immense, Emotional, Creative and Heavy immediately came to mind after a just few spins of the turntable. It’s intricate twists and turns revealing such a unique recording, that I’ve found it hard to stop listening since its release. Conjurer creating their own formula for success, that they and they alone occupy. At a minimum Conjurer clearly creating one of the better debut albums I’ve heard in recent years. But with this extraordinary release we should expect to hear much more from Conjurer in 2018 and beyond…Well done gentlemen! Play Hard, Play Fast & Play Loud… 9/10 Mö 



9/10 Epic Storm

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