Cist – The Frozen Casket

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Band: Cist
Title: The Frozen Casket
Label: Camo Pants Records
Release Date: 16 March 2018
Country: Russia

Okay, so right off the bat it should be mentioned that this release isn’t being covered as timely as it should as it came out near the end of January. Luckily, Cist aren’t too timely either. Formed by guitarist Nikolay Komshukov after leaving his thrash band, Cist play a style of death metal that feels only recently removed from the growing pains of thrash, and their newest extended play, The Frozen Casket,  follows suit: it sounds like they have been perpetually stuck in 1988, and in the best way possible. From the cold-start, no holds barred opening track of “Antisceptic,” the very first thing that jumps out is just how much it sounds like Leprosy-era Death, particularly in the song structures and the almost dead-on Schuldiner-style singing of vocalist Vitaliy Luschencov. Komshukov’s guitar work is the secret sauce that brings it all together, however. His blend of rhythm and lead playing manages to make the three-piece sound fully fleshed out. Komshukov also presumably handles bass duties. The bass is generally content to stay in the back and do it’s duties of bridging the gap between the guitar and drums. It does add a very rolling groove, especially on tracks like “Mitosis Simulation” where it’s almost funky pop helps make the song a highlight of the 21 minute EP. The Frozen Casket is a terrific show of appreciation for the origins of US death metal. Cist have really captured the feel of the era, and while the EP does have a bit more of a modern production, it still sounds organic and fresh without succumbing to sterility. It is almost a shame to have to point out that it still is a release drenched in worship without much deviation. Cist have found ears with The Frozen Casket, and it would be interesting to see what they can bring to the table with a bit more of a voice of their own. 7/10 d00mfr0gg



7/10 Victory is possible

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