Goatkraft – Angel Slaughter

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Band: Goatkraft
Title: Angel Slaughter
Label: Iron Bonehead Productions
Release date: 9 March 2018
Country: Norway

Forming in 2017 and hailing from Norway, Goatkraft has one demo and a new EP titled Angel Slaughter. This contains six tracks of raw, unrelenting rage that pounds all into the ground. Featuring, an eerie intro of cryptic voices surrounded by wind, feedback and other sporadic instrumentations happening, also included as one of the tracks on this EP, is a Black Witchery cover. For the most part, other than song beginnings or endings, this whirlwind of black/death continues its blasting inferno from start to finish. With simplistic riffing, that is straightforward and to the point, this is not about complexity or melody but more like a full out attack! Along with the fast pummeling of the drums, there is a heavy undertone here which is enforced by the low growl of the bass, followed by fast power chord riffing of the guitars, slicing their path. Vocal assaults lash out, in a fusion of gruff and guttural combined with mid growls and screams too. Covering all areas of extremity and infused in a darkened rage, the Angel Slaughter EP takes you into a blasphemous world where annihilation and war reign supreme. 9/10 By Wolven Deadsoul