Ossuarium – Calcified Trophies of Violence

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Band: Ossuarium
Title: Calcified Trophies of Violence
Label: Blood Harvest
Release Date: 16 February 2018
Country: U.S.A.

Ossuarium are an American death metal band that have been active since 2016. They originally and independently released their debut demo titled Calcified Trophies of Violence as a limited-edition cassette in November 2017. Then later in February 2018, the demo was pressed again as a limited-edition cassette by Blood Harvest. A CD version will also be available later in April 2018.
Bringing out the raw and dirty analogue sounds of when cassettes and 7” records were both the standard of the late 80’s and early 90’s era for underground death metal bands, this is like a trip down memory lane. With heavy chugging riffs and doomy sustaining chords of the old school nature and sound, accompanied by reverb effected vocals in the mid-range area, to varying drum beat tempos ranging from sludgy slow, to mid-paced and occasional older, influenced-style blast beats, Ossuarium have a sound and presence similar to older Incantation. Containing three tracks and going a hair over sixteen minutes in length, along with classic cover art showing the imagery of gore, death and despair, this EP takes us back in time with its sound and presentation even though it is a new release. This is a great example of how three tracks can make their mark and their name known as a solid introduction for a band. The question is, when will Ossuarium have more for us? 9.5/10 By Wolven Deadsoul