Faceless Burial “Grotesque Miscreation”

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Band: Faceless Burial
Title: Grotesque Miscreation
Label: Blood Harvest / Iron Lung Records
Date: January 19, 2018
Country: Australia

Faceless Burial is a three-piece Australian Black/Death metal band, so far having released a demo from 2015 and a debut full length release from later 2017 titled Grotesque Miscreation. This was originally put out on vinyl in September 2017 and later on CD in December 2017.
After listening to this 10-track release, I didn’t hear the connection of this band being labeled as Black/Death metal but more of the later Death metal category, for the most part. There is a prominent tone throughout this release that carries this low, heavy, sizzling sound which both the guitars and the distorted bass bring out, reminding me of some of the older releases from Autopsy. This bottom end raw sound, along with mid-range vocals containing heavy growls and screams, to the songwriting style tends to give an impression of the old school death metal sound of the late 80’s era, but in a modern production form.

With the drums as well, there is a very analogue presence, where all is acknowledged sound wise, yet is not overly bright or clickety either like some modern productions are; these tend to have either been overly triggered or are overdone with effects, losing the natural sounds of the instrument itself. This can all be a matter of opinion or preference or in relation to varying musical styles, of course, but I feel what we have here is respected references from the past that have been brought up to date. Grotesque Miscreation by Faceless Burial puts forth a sense of traditional death metal that has a unique raw sound combined with catchy heavy riffing exposing all to the bone and holding nothing back. 8/10 Wolven Deadsoul


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