War Possession “Doomed to Chaos”

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Band: War Possession
Title: Doomed to Chaos
Label: Memento Mori
Release Date: October 23, 2017
Country: Greece

Hailing from Greece, War Possession began in 2008. “Doomed to Chaos” is their first full length besides already having a split, an EP and a demo. There is definitely a 1990’s death metal vibe going on here that captures the great old school elements. For example, the use of classic song intros of a melancholy nature with either heavy doom ridden chords ringing out or single tremolo picking that draws the listener into this sense of darkness. Plus, with filthy distorted guitar tones and added gloomy leads that bring out the feelings of torment, along with a combination of pulverizing blast beats enforcing the brutality, to slow paced beats hammering down sporadically while the drum kicks flow fast, to the more mid paced use of classic death metal beats which carry all in between giving this 10-song album some varying extremes within. The vocals are in a guttural low depth range with reverb and sometimes a delay in effect which creates a sound similar to some of the older style Finnish death metal bands. Overall this album gives a powerful and raging flow living up to the album’s title and even though the recording sounds slightly in the distance, it still creates a worthy impact and great representation of what quality death metal should be. 8/10 By Wolven Deadsoul