United Front “By All Means II (The Fall of Church and State)”

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Band: United Front
Title: By All Means II (The Fall of Church and State)

Label: Malignant Records
Release date: September. 2017
Country: Spain

United Front … Well … Formerly called U-731 and composed only Gordon Lazarus. But they are currently a duo and the info I found in this cyber world was a little contradictory. On a site I even found that they played Death Metal. Ahahahahahah. Well, from Death Metal they do not have anything very honestly, at least here. So what does this duo play or what musical style are they related to? I think that the main strand is the Dark Ambient. However, and from what I am aware of this musical genre (which unfortunately only in these last two years I have heard more regularly) have much more things around here. I noticed a criticism of American society, the way it moves around corruption, war and conflict. I came to this point, or I deduce this, because of the samples taken from a movie or a TV series (I do not remember here, but I know I’ve heard and seen the phrases used somewhere, I hate it when this happens and I do not remember) used. There is also a critique or finger pointing here to religion and how it manipulates society. The music made by this duo for about 34 minutes +/- has quite good moments, I liked the mix of sounds, from the distorted voices, to the atmosphere created by the samples, mixed sounds that come and go in a chaotic way but the in an order organized and that make sense in this sequence of entry and exit. I noticed a little influence in some industrial sound and its cadence, or at least the sounds distilled in the column of my stereo so reminded me and managed to take me along that path. The sound obtained throughout this work is all very obscure, even at the beginning of the song “Church and State” where a female voice is heard in a genre of Gregorian chant (If I am not mistaken this little song is dedicated to the Virgin Mary, I do not know if I’ll be right). Sometimes the sound of this duo sounds a bit “antagonistic” but it can make sense, at least to me it did. It is not easy to describe what I felt and how I felt when I listened this work, unless I loved to meet this duo and their music, and that I want to listen more of the things that they have done. Do I recommend this release? Yes. To all the listeners, now let’s be if they have the ability to listen and try to understand what is done here??? Go and listen. 8/10 The Key Keeper